What Others are Saying

Having dedicated my life to the equipping of future leaders, I’m well aware of the maxim, ‘As goes the family, so goes society.’ No one understands this better than Eric Wallace. Over the last ten years his Institute for Uniting Church and Home has led the way in equipping churches to equip families to be a blessing to all nations of the earth. This is a vital, creative ministry and I heartily encourage you to support it with your prayer and financial contributions.

Jeff Myers, Ph.D

Associate Professor, Bryan College

Eric gets our identity in Christ. His material has been extremely helpful in the lives of the men in our church. We are easily moored into idolatry but the clarity of Eric’s words and exposition of scripture brings people back to the life-giving truth. But most importantly, he cares about and loves our people so that the words are imbued with the power of love. At Christ Central Church, we are so thankful for his help in strengthening our families by growing our men in their walk with Christ. Eric is a friend, mentor and minister who walks the talk and gives both his wisdom and service freely to the Lord and to the church.

Nathan Scholl


Eric Wallace is a man with a long and deep commitment to deep relationships in both the church and the home. The Institute is helping church leaders see how the church and home can work together for gospel transformation.

Dr. Daniel Doriani

Professor of Theology and VP of Strategic Academic Projects, Covenant Theological Seminary

As Pastor of a more traditional Baptist church that has undergone reformation and renewal, I have found the ministry of Eric Wallace and Uniting Church and Home to be timely and helpful.  I see a groundswell of dissatisfaction with the typically disconnected, program-driven, “church as usual” pattern.  God is raising up a generation of serious believers who are seeking authentic koinonia in their families and churches.  The IUCAH offers support for leaders and unique insight into equipping Christian households to function within the larger household of the local church.

Jeffrey Riddle


Experience, the “big picture”, a listening ear, mentorship, relationship, connection with others– all of these have been a specific benefit for me from the Institute for Uniting Church and Home.

Brad Shedd

Associate Pastor

The Institute for Uniting Church and Home is a great investment for anyone who loves Christ’s Church and wants to see it refreshed and encouraged.

Stewart Jordan


I appreciate the Institute’s commitment to helping church leaders implement a healthy vision that glorifies God in the person of Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit and strengthens the Body of Christ. This is, as far as I am concerned, unique and necessary! Thank you, Eric.

Jim Pursley


If I may highlight one thing that stands out in the ministry of the Institute for Uniting Church and Home is Eric’s sensitivity about connecting with church leadership. He knows that local shepherds are in the week-to-week trenches of ministering and serving. And in our serving with singles and families, questions surface: How do I effectively help a small group ministry be household-like? How can I maximize my time to faithfully reproduce a ministry of discipleship that reflects Titus 2:2 and 2 Timothy 2:2? How does outreach fit in? Or maybe some of us are in church planting: In what ways can I start off in ministry that builds and sustains a family-friendly climate? I have seen first-hand how he comes alongside to “wash the feet” of local shepherds so that they might keep their focus on Jesus Christ and the big-picture of living in grace and serving in grace with God’s flock. There is no doubt in my mind that Uniting Church and Home plays an essential role in our generation richly blessing the leadership–those who serve the Household of Faith.

Mark Sumpter


Eric Wallace has earned my endorsement.  He is a team player who understands the reality on the ground where pastors have to do their work as leaders.  His strategy for bringing the local church and the Christian home back into their biblical partnership has proven effective in many different circumstances.

Gregg Harris

I’ve sat in numerous conferences and read a variety books designed to build the church. I’ve also sat in numerous conferences and read a variety of books designed to strengthen the family. I’ve discovered the Institute for Uniting Church and Home is uniquely addressing the most critical need facing both: a return to the centrality of the Gospel of Jesus Christ (author’s emphasis). Regardless of your church’s condition, the Institute offers personal and practical help for re-directing pastors like myself to the only power we have for effecting authentic lasting change in our churches and homes. Listening to the Institute’s wise counsel, rooted in the hope of the Gospel, has been vital to our approach to building the church AND strengthening the family, all at the same time.

John Melton

Associate Pastor

Eric Wallace has a passion for God to be glorified. Take one moment in conversation with Eric and it quickly becomes apparent that he also has a passion to encourage and communicate the centrality of the gospel in the local church and in the family. The time that I have spent talking with Eric has been nothing but edifying and encouraging. Eric is a clear voice calling out for the gospel to be the basis of household discipleship. I am very thankful for his voice and for the ministry of The Institute for Uniting Church and Home.

Chris Williams


The Institute for Uniting Church and Home opens the door for ethnic churches to learn how to educate the second generation in a biblical way. Eric’s ministry to our families has provided them with a better understanding of how to apply Biblical principles in the home. I encourage others to support this timely work.

John Chua


I appreciate your ministry very much. Your materials are so helpful. Most of all I appreciate your focus on the heart of the matter: a matter of the heart.

Lisa Aukee

Children's Ministry Director

Eric has been a tremendous blessing to the leadership. God has laid on our hearts the importance of household relationships in pursuing Kingdom work. Previously, we were focused on how to strengthen relationships in the nuclear family. He showed us through Scripture that our vision was good, but too narrow. And that God is concerned with every household in our church body, including singles, single moms, single dads, grandparents, etc. He helped prevent us from making unintended yet critical errors that might have alienated some members in our fellowship. Thank you , Eric!

Mark Wilke

Lead Elder