Summary of Expectations for all Heads of Households (HOH) (including elders), for which they, as middle managers in the body, are  accountable to the elders who are themselves accountable to Christ the Head of the Church.

HOHs are accountable to lead their families to:

Strive to build a community of love for Christ according to the Great Commission (Matt. 28:16–20; Jo. 17; Eph. 1–4). Church  membership is a covenant made with God and His family to build a community of love by making disciples of Christ who observe all that Christ has commanded. This covenant requires a willing, heart-level commitment to grow in the knowledge and faithfulness to God’s Word and to care for and be cared for by the body of Christ.

Minister daily, in Christ’s strength alone, to one another by actively pursuing, promoting, and participating in meaningful, heart-level relationships with one another (Acts 2:42–47; Gal. 6:2; Eph. 4–16; Heb. 3:12–13; 13:17). We believe church membership is all about being a family of families and bearing one another’s burdens. We believe all church members are called to the daily ministry of the  needs of the body. We believe true, authentic loving service to one another is only possible in Christ’s strength and power. We believe this daily ministering to the church is best accomplished through meaningful, honest, heart-level relationships with God and with one another. These mutually constructive covenantal relationships are God’s primary method for growing the body of Christ. We believe that in order to grow more abundantly in our relationship with God, we must make a heart-level commitment to grow daily in our relationship with one another.

Pursue and live a quiet life of faithfulness in all aspects of daily life according to the Covenant Household Model of Life and Ministry taught in Scripture (Rom. 6–14; 1 Cor. 10–14; 2 Cor. 3–4; Gal. 5:13–6:14; Eph. 4+, Phil. 4; Col. 3+; 1 Thes. 4:9–12; 2 Tim. 1:13; 1 Tim. 5; Tit. 2). We believe God has called us to maintain a quiet life of faithfulness to Him. This is  accomplished by following the biblical method for applying the gospel to all aspects of our daily life. Carrying God’s expectations for a quiet life of faithfulness must come from a heart that is striving to be rightly filled, satisfied and at rest in God (Matt. 11:29–30; Heb. 4:11). This is only possible through a personal, heartlevel relationship with Christ based on His love for us and through His grace alone. Any other motive for service in our daily life is like trying to earn God’s approval or for self glory and will not lead to a quiet life of faithfulness. These daily aspects of life or “Covenant Spheres of Life” include our personal relationships with God, family, extended family, church, work, community (as salt and light, primarily through hospitality and household based ministry), and the world (e.g. prayer for and support of missions endeavors). Faithfully managing these covenant spheres within one’s home, requires spiritual discernment to develop a scriptural perspective on the proper priorities that reflect appropriate heart-level desires for our lives that will most glorify God (Lu. 14:26). We believe that heads of households as the spiritual headship of the home, should strive to maintain and teach their families how to live a quiet life of faithfulness, and make in cooperation with their wives a plan carrying out that  God-given mandate (Eph. 5:25–6:4).

Be fully accountable to God through the Body of Christ (Heb. 3:12-13; Eph. 4:15–16; Matt. 18:15–17; 1 Cor. 12–14; Col. 3:15–17). We believe God extends His love, grace and mercy to believers most effectively and primarily through the body of Christ as we encourage, exhort, and admonish one another to live a life of faithfulness to God. We believe church membership requires a willing heart to know and be known by one another. We believe this God-given responsibility to encourage and restore gently by
speaking the truth in love to one another applies to all and should only be done in a spirit of meekness and love (Gal. 6:1).

As a member of priesthood of the believers actively pursue training in righteousness and competency in the knowledge of God (Col. 3:12–17; 2 Tim. 3:16–17). We desire for all to strive to grow daily in our knowledge of God’s Truth as given in His Holy Scriptures. We believe God’s Word is fully sufficient for all and we strive for all to be able to effectively apply the gospel to life and to teach others to do the same. We believe Scripture clearly commands us to grow in this discipleship training. This requires a healthy life of study of God’s Word, daily worship, prayer, meditation, and fasting as we seek to draw closer to God.

Be committed to being an active participant in the life of the church and its worship to God (1 Pet. 4:8–11; Eph. 4:15–16). We believe the Body of Christ most glorifies God when all its members are doing their part and committed to actively participating in the peace, unity, growth and protection of the body of Christ. We all are called to use our gifts in the worship of God and care for the body of Christ. We believe these gifts exist in both gifts of word and gifts of deed. We should encourage one another to use our individual gifts based solely in our passion for God’s glory, not in our own strength and skill, so as to serve with a humble, willing spirit that seeks only the joy of Christ in serving one another.