Remember the new lease on life that you had when you became a Christian? …What happened to it?

Maybe your Christian experience has become a list of dos and don’ts.

Guilt over your sin chips away at your joy and slowly paralyzes you.

You feel like God is disappointed or even angry with you

This happens because we forget an important truth.

The gospel is not just what make us Christians, but the gospel is the way we grow as Christians!

Join us in Rediscovering the Gospel

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Benefits you will receive:

  • Identify the three common idols of the heart.
  • Gain victory over those stubborn sins.
  • Understand the root cause of relationship conflict.

Results you will see:

  • Elders moving into or expanding their shepherding roles.
  • Increased involvement in ministry to one another
  • Inspiration to reach out to the unbelieving with the gospel.
At Your Own Pace

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How to Restore Hope for Your Relationships

  • Gain Hope, Confidence and Purpose
  • Discover the root cause of conflict and the Gospel remedy
  • Understand how to apply your Identity in Christ to everyday life challenges
Until today I haven’t heard anyone clearly articulate how the gospel is the power for my sanctification