How to Want to Lead Your Wife and Children
Leading our wives and children can easily fall into the “have to” rather than “want to” category. When this happens, we may do the right things but end up ineffective in what really matters: transformation into the image of Jesus Christ! Our bad attitude shines through. We slack off. Or, we just plain give up.

If you find yourself doing leadership as a “have to” you are not alone. Many men struggle with this. But I have great news! Leading in the home can be a joyful and fulfilling experience!

In this seminar, we will deal with the most important obstacle to leadership in the home: our own hearts; our own lack of “want to”. We will expose the common idols that steer our hearts from leading and we will show how our new identity in Christ obliterates those idols and compels us to joyful “want to” leadership.

Come prepared to be refreshed, encouraged, and empowered! Consider the Gospel Tune-Up for Men for your next men’s retreat!

The Men’s seminar consists of two one-hour sessions usually provided in a 9am-noon Saturday schedule.

If you would like information on hosting this seminar in your area, please contact us today!