How the Gospel Strengthens Marriage!
Is your marriage stale? Perhaps a little disconnected? Maybe communication isn’t where it should be? Or, are you suffering in silence wondering if your relationship can weather the storms. When you said, “I do” you had no idea that it would be this hard! The challenges of marriage seem overwhelming and often lead to dysfunction, despair, and tragically, divorce. Whether you feel your marriage is doing well or showing some wear, this seminar will encourage you and your spouse with hope and practical help from the gospel.


Our Marriage Mini-Seminar consists of two one-hour sessions usually provided in a 9am-noon Saturday schedule.

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“It was very evident that the ‘fuel’ that drives you is the doxology of joy in and gratitude for the finished work of Christ.  Thank you for your honest humility enabling you to boast in his righteousness.  We definitely left encouraged!”


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