family gospelIs love demonstrated?

The presence of love is not the same as an absence of conflict. Genuine love will lead to less conflict. But there will always be conflict. How we handle conflicts is a better measure of love. How easily do we get over hurts? Do we hold grudges? Do we quickly confess our sin and ask forgiveness? Is there a growing desire to be a source of joy in the lives of others?

Is the gospel message spoken each day?

Hebrews 3:13 tells us to “encourage one another daily.” Do we remind each other of gospel truths and promises, especially as we delve into the issues that often beset us? Do we share our true condition with one another? If things are always “good”, then we don’t need to hear about Jesus. (Note: We cannot over-emphasize how much email and texting, while not without extraordinary benefits, have eviscerated deeper, more redemptive communication such as I am suggesting).

Is the gospel message read each day?

Regular (if not daily) Bible time as a family is so important. It is not only a blessed experience, it is a stop gap for not speaking the gospel to one another daily in our relationships. We may not be powerful exegetes or eloquent expounders but it doesn’t matter. We have the promise that God’s word is powerful (Isa. 55:11; Heb. 4:12). The power of God’s Word more than makes up for any inadequacies, perceived for real, on our part. But here’s the key. As exciting and as important as the Bible’s facts and stories are, they are in themselves not the main point. The Bible is about Jesus Christ and his redemptive work for us. We are new creations in Christ. This truth and all that it entails is essential to our ongoing transformation. Tragically, we can read and love the Bible, yet, miss its core message as our daily message!

Is the gospel alive in your house? Are your family members growing in their love for Jesus? Love for Jesus is the result of the gospel message taking center stage in your home on a daily basis.

If you think your family could improve in this area, we are here to help! Check out Who Are You?, a great resource to help you apply gospel truths to everyday life as you examine your identity in Christ.