“A home run reminder of the Gospel of grace, and the path of our Christian growth.”

Steve Hemmeke

Pastor, Covenant Heritage Reformed Fellowship

“What a joy to be reminded of our position in Christ and how that strengthens us in our relationships and frees us to do the love of God.”

Michael Kennedy

Men's Seminar

In this mini-seminar, we will deal with the most important obstacle to leadership in the home: our own hearts; our own lack of “want to”. We will expose the common idols that steer our hearts from leading and we will show how the gospel obliterates those idols and compels us to joyful leadership. More information on hosting one here.

Marriage Seminar

Is your marriage stale? Perhaps a little disconnected? Maybe communication isn’t where it should be? Or, are you suffering in silence wondering if your relationship can weather the storms. When you said, “I do” you had no idea that it would be this hard! The challenges of marriage seem overwhelming and often lead to dysfunction, despair, and tragically, divorce. Whether you feel your marriage is doing well or showing some wear, this seminar will encourage you and your spouse with hope and practical help from the gospel. More information here.

Church-Wide Seminar

Is the gospel missing in your home… or your church?
“The gospel is the power of God unto salvation” (Rom. 1:16). What Paul is saying here is that the gospel is not only the message we need to get into the kingdom but just as important, the gospel is the message we need in order to grow in Christ-likeness!

Tired of tackling surface problems and not getting to the heart issues? This seminar equips the entire church in how to apply the powerful gospel in our hearts so that lives and relationships change. Please see the seven minute testimonial video (left) and more information on hosting here.

Need a Life Line?

How is ministry going?  Are you exhausted?  Maybe you would like some fresh eyes to help you evaluate how equipping for gospel application can be bolstered. Our desire is to encourage you in your vital work as a pastor, elder, or father.  So, we are available to simply talk with you in person or on the phone. Contact us today!