dadboysMany fathers have concluded that God cannot use them to minister to their wives and children. Ironically, I have actually heard some men use the following as justification, “I’m not like the men God used in the Bible (suggesting that these men were much closer to perfect)!”  Oh, really? Were the men God used in the Bible really better?

Truth is, none of us are good enough. Since Adam ate the apple, we’re far too selfish. The men God used in the Bible, like us, are deeply flawed. But God is gracious and looks for the humble heart that is willing to move forward in faith remembering that his strength and his ability are not in himself but in Christ alone.

Jesus’ victory on the cross is our victory over the comfort idol that is often the real reason we don’t minister. His victory over sin’s power is also our victory over the guilt that Satan loves to use to beat us down.  As men, our union with Christ has given us what we need to lead.

Take a look at the list of some of the fathers (and their sins) God used in the Bible and be encouraged! No matter how dysfunctional your situation may be; no matter how deficient you think you are, no matter what you’ve done to mess it up, nothing is beyond the grace of God working in us.