The Gospel Life Together Seminar

This seminar consists of four one-hour sessions usually provided in a 9am-3pm Saturday schedule.

Benefits you will receive:

  • How to identify the three common idols in our hearts that are the real instigators behind our daily struggles with sin.
  • Gain victory over those stubborn sins in your own life that you’ve not been able to overcome.
  • How to defeat idolatry using the gospel of Jesus Christ so that we enjoy lasting change.
  • Gain confidence in your ability to build relationships that help people grow in Christ.

Results you will see:

  • Elders moving into or expanding their shepherding role
  • Parents learning to confidently disciple their kids with the Gospel
  • Victory in areas of struggle in people’s lives that have existed for years
  • People overcoming challenges in marriage and parenting relationships
  • Increased involvement of members in personal ministry to one another
  • People wanting to reach out to unbelieving neighbors and friends with the gospel!

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“Until today I haven’t heard anyone clearly articulate how the gospel is the power for my sanctification.”

John H.

Husband and Father

“This seminar gives you gospel tools to make relationships flourish.”

Tim C.