Rediscover the joy that makes home life work.

5:17 People Week

Home life is H-A-R-D.

There is no way around it. There will always be challenges, struggles, and defeats. The “Grin and bear it” strategy only works so long before family life is drained of happiness and doubts, fears, and frustration rise.

Is there more to the Christian home than gutting it out?

How does a rediscovery of joy sound?

Certainly, we enjoy our spouse or child(ren) but we can’t depend on them to be our reservoir of joy. Maybe you’re thinking, “Why can’t the joy that my friends seem to have make an appearance in my home?”

When we lose joy, it is because we have lost sight of joy’s unending source which must be rediscovered and remembered in our Christian homes.

Jesus is our source of joy. He has given us all the reason in the world to have joy through our identity as new creations in him. This joy grows over time and gives us the strength and motivation to remain faithful to discipleship and outreach in and through our homes. 

We invite you

Gather your family together and rediscover this joy through 5:17 People Week!

In brief

5:17 People Week is a 7-day devotional that helps families rediscover their identity as new creations in Christ.

Set a new course!

For life in your home that endures through trials and causes real growth in Christlikeness.


Identity Statements to be studied:

  • New Creation in Christ
  • Hidden in Christ
  • Forgiven in Christ
  • Righteousness in Christ
  • Dead to Sin in Christ
  • Branch in Christ
  • Ambassador for Christ
Having gained some insight into my identity in Christ in the last couple of years, 5:17 People Week was an excellent way to share our identity in Christ with my children of different ages and with different levels of understanding. The time of fellowship as a family was very meaningful, And I hope this leads to more time together in discussions about the biblical text.

What you get:

Each devotional begins with a light-hearted, 2-4 minute video that introduces that day’s identity statement.

Each devotional includes a scripture, story, and discussion questions.

Each child will receive each of the following New Creation-themed items:

  • Sticker
  • Wristband
  • Frisbee
  • Bookmark (for you to scratch out a design on)
  • Spinning mophead pen
  • Backpack

5:17 People Week caused our family to gather every evening regardless of what other interests we may have had. Nightly devotions were the norm for years, but has the kids got older, it got harder to bring the family together. So, the focused week was helpful and a good reminder that daily family devotions can be engaging and joyous.

Great week. Enjoyed the journey and appreciate the lighthearted videos.

This was a great reminder to me of God’s love for me. That joy and happiness are different and that I am God’s ambassador in every situation of my life, I need to act like it. Not in just my actions but in my heart.

In a world shouting that I can be whatever I want and do whatever I feel … was refreshing to hear the voice of TRUTH about who I am, according to my Creator. “Who am I?” is not a question I have to wrestle with or try to figure out….my Creator has already answered that question. I can rest and cease striving.

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