517 people week

2 Corinthians 5:17

“Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation.
The old has passed away. Behold, the new has come!”

Are you and your family living
as new creations in Christ?


the chosen
identity stickers

There is still space, register today! We have free stickers for every child in your family, and some printable gifts to get you excited about the week! There will be plenty of prizes and chances to enter a drawing for season one of The Chosen!

What it is

5:17 People Week is a simple rediscovery of our identity as new creations in Christ that will set a new course for how we live at home, in the church and in the world we are called to reach for him. It will be fun and present life-changing truths. Will you join us?


Sunday, May 16 – Saturday, May 22, 2021


  • ​Daily identity statement videos and devotionals.

— Each day, families can listen to a specially prepared video that introduces the identity statement to be studied that day. After the video, a brief story and age-appropriate discussion questions are provided to help each family, single, or couple grow deeper in their understanding and application and experience more joy in Jesus.

  • Coloring pages and word puzzles for the children.

— Coloring pages and word puzzles are provided that focus on the identity statement studied each day.


  • Contests and prizes, too!


FREE! A pdf will be sent to each registered participant that contains everything needed for the planned activities.

The teaching of our union with Christ sets Christianity completely apart from every other religion on earth. Our redemption is a Person; our sanctification is a Person. Our righteousness is a Person. Our resurrection is a Person; our source of truth is a Person. Our hope is a Person; our way to Heaven and the New Earth is a Person. In him we have all we need for life and godliness. We must take hold of that for which we have been laid hold of. The 5:17 People Week will help families take hold of Christ this way.

Ben Taylor


Our family continues to use resources contained in the book, Real Hope for the Home by Eric Wallace during our nightly devotional time together.  ‘Our New Identity from A to Z’ list provides 100+ reminders for all believers that we have been made new in Christ.  As we work through each one of the characteristics, we review the Scripture references considering how this practically applies to our lives.

Brian Jacks


When our very own nine-year-old Hunter saw boxes of wristbands, frisbees, and stickers arrive (which are some of the prizes for completing certain activities during the week), he was so excited he made his own promotional video for the week. It was so cute we had to share!