The 5:17 Men Seminar


This seminar helps men find freedom from sin’s tyranny and provides the confidence and power to lead their families well.

Valparaiso, Florida

“Eric Wallace’s teaching at our church’s men’s retreat was outstanding.  Like many speakers he worked through God’s desire for us as husbands, fathers, and men.  But rather than tacking the good news of the gospel on to the end, he very clearly and consistently showed how our identity in Christ is the prerequisite reality God has provided to enable us to live out these roles.  And what’s more, Eric gave us tools and perspective to view all of God’s Word in light of our blessed position in Christ.  I can’t wait to go apply what I’ve learned to change my perspective on my struggles and challenges in all areas of life.  I’m hopeful and excited rather than beaten down and exhausted.  Thanks, Eric!”

Everett D.

Husband and Father

Thurmont, Maryland

Richmond, Virginia

Jacksonville, Florida