Welcome Noble Men!

UCHlink is happy to partner again this year with Noble Warriors, a ministry committed to serve churches as they equip men walk with Christ and lead well.

How to Restore Hope for your Relationships

FREE E-Course!

  • Gain Hope, Confidence and Purpose
  • Discover the root cause of conflict and the Gospel remedy
  • Understand how to apply your Identity in Christ to everyday life challenges

Who Are You? For Men

What do you think you need in order
to be a good father?

Discover what you need—that you already have—that is often tragically overlooked.

FREE Church Leader's Encouragement Luncheon

  • What are the kingdom resources available to us that enable impact in people’s lives?
  • What does power in ministry look like?

You are invited as well as any other elders and ministerial staff from your church to a luncheon in Timonium, MD.

Uniting Church and Home (UCH) is a ministry that is dedicated to equipping families to apply the Gospel
–particularly our identity in Christ– in relationships. To that end, we believe strongly in the role of the local church in the equipping process and seek to restore a strong partnership between church and home. Therefore, we minister to both families and church leaders by providing encouragement, training, and resources for use in the church and the home.

Our Message

“Eric Wallace is a man with a long and deep commitment to deep relationships in both the church and the home. The Institute is helping church leaders see how the church and home can work together for gospel transformation.”

Dr. Daniel Doriani

Professor of Theology and VP of Strategic Academic Projects, Covenant Theological Seminary